Artistica Vase

Artistica Vase

PriceFrom EGP950٫00

Artistica Vase is a beauty of handcrafted pottery piece. Each piece is unique in its own colors and shades despite that the same method applied on all pieces.


We have 3 sizes available of Artistica Vase;

Small: 28 cm with width 25cm avg

Medium: 32cm with width 20cm avg

Large: 49cm with width 16cm avg


Each piece is handcrafted with love to you.


    Material: Pottery

    Production: Glazed Pottery

    Recommended Care: Dry cloth

    Avg Size: Small (28cm), Medium (32cm), Large (49cm)


    This product is wrapped with our branded butter sheet along with bubble-wrap and sealed in a box. It will be delivered to you in 3-5 days.