Azzuro Set

Azzuro Set

PriceFrom EGP1٬400٫00

Azzuro Set consists of 26 pieces as follows;

6 pieces of 30cm plate

6 pieces of 25cm plate

6 pieces of 20cm plate

6 pieces of 15cm Bow

l2 pieces of 12cm Bowl with handle.


You can purchase Mini Set of 8 pieces that would be perfect for one/two persons.

2 pieces of 30cm plate

2 pieces of 25cm plate

2 pieces of 20cm plate

2 pieces of 12cm bowl with handle.


It is handcrafted pottery set made with love to you.


    Material: Handcrafted Glazed Pottery

    Sizes: Plates (30cm, 25cm, 20cm) and Bowl 15cm

    Color: White with blue dots

    Recommended Care: Dishwasher/Microwave Safe


    This product is bubble-wrapped and sealed in a box. It will be delivered to you in 3-5 days.

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