Vintage SET SALE

Vintage SET SALE

PriceFrom EGP400٫00

36-40% SALE on VINTAGE Bestselling Collection!

- 1 Set of 3 plates (20cm Dessert, 25cm Lunch, 30cm Serving) for 400EGP instead of 625EGP

- 1 Set of 4 plates (30cm Serving) for 590EGP instead of 980EGP

- 1 Set of 4 plates (25cm Lunch) for 500EGP instead of 840EGP

- 1 Set of 4 plates (20cm Dessert) for 410EGP instead of 680EGP

- 15cm Soup Bowl for 120EGP instead of 200EGP

- 12cm Dipper Bowl with handle for 100EGP instead of 170EGP


Offer Valid while stocks last!


    Material: Handcrafted Glazed Pottery

    Color: White with black dots, Offwhite with black dots

    Recommended Care: Dishwasher/Microwave Safe


    This product is bubble-wrapped and sealed in a box. It will be delivered to you in 3-5 days.

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